Where does my donation go?


Helpful Engineering is an international, open source community incubator focused on mobilizing people to help solve the Covid-19 pandemic and other critical issues. With thousands of volunteers worldwide, we support projects through innovations in engineering, community resources, software, and manufacturing.


Project Support

Our primary mission remains to support our incubated projects. Your donations will go directly to the frontlines, covering research and development, prototyping, manufacturing, and shipping expenses through funding for initiatives directly addressing the pandemic’s effects. All tech will be open-source, allowing other organizations to build off of our developments.


Platform Management

In order to efficiently support our community of over 16,000 members, we will need to make critical investments into administrative staff & software. Your donation will cover critical staff salaries to foster our community and project selection process, along with foundational software to make our operations smoother.


Unelected Gift


When donating, you’re entrusting us to handle your donation in the way we see fit. We promise to stay true to our cause and will prioritize the most critical and impactful initiatives first. Do note that we’re currently in the process of acquiring 501c3 charitable status in the US.


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Please contact Maxim Kraft, Head of Finance

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Any gift, large or small, will be greatly appreciated.